big ideas + small budget + lots of critics = fun / by Clint Newsom

Big ideas, small budget, and lots of critics. All a recipe for a unique design challenge that sounded like too much fun to resist. Updating the storefront of the entire first level took up a chunk of the budget, and by chunk, I mean over half. So… we were left with even more fun. The interior courtyard of the garage was virtually forgotten and in desperate need of attention. The entry points into the courtyard became a focal point for design opportunities. Experimental “light boxes” turned out to accentuate the design and enable the owners the ability to change the lighting from Thunder blue to whatever color event they host. The rest of the design was an effort to minimize materials while still adding a dramatic and stylized design. The eaves and overhangs create two “broken lines” clad in zinc along the west and south sides of the building. Thanks to ZFI engineering, our welding crew, and some incredible Hilti bolts, the design was able to be realized and hopefully appeased at least some of the critics. 

Project and work performed under Miles Associates as lead designer and project manager.