creativity is an elicited response to problem solving...                 architecture is an elicited response to a basic human need...     together they can be beautiful, powerful, and enriching.



We thrive on providing the client with the best possible experience. Seeing the project come to life with photo-realistic renderings helps us provide excitement and allows for discussion so we get the final product just right.



communication of ideas through images is critical in the design process. 

utilizing multiple graphic styles and media, we are able to express our vision and feel for the design.



process is inherent in the development of a successful and well thought out project.

communication of the process translates the thought process and vision to the client while giving meaning and direction to our design decisions.

design all around us


frac·tion is a calculator app created by basis Design for the use in the design/construction fields. The fractional calculator helps add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert critical measurements and dimensions.

we see design all around us and are always looking for innovation in design.

check out the frac·tion page for more information.