via residence

project description:

via  [vee-uh] - by a route that touches or passes through; by way of.

The via residence, designed for a family of four in Oklahoma City, is a 9,144 square foot, four bedroom, 7.5 bath layout that is heavily influenced by the ideas of flow, entertainment, and harmonic synergy. The necessary living spaces are designed around the periphery of the home with entertainment and elegant interactive spaces internally located. The experience starts at the elevated front porch and grand entry. Entering the house, you are elevated on the first landing of the grand staircase that curves around the 2-story foyer with a dome ceiling with views all the way through the back of the house to the pool and lake. As you move through the foyer and into the grand room, window walls connect the experience to the back yard entertainment space as well as the north patio. The idea of bringing this family the spaces they need as well as giving them the spaces to live, love, and worship was critical in developing the flow of the design and spaces associated with them. 

Project completion slated for late 2016