if it's not broke... fix it by Clint Newsom

Numbers are so honest; they don't lie but they can be complicated. Our relationship with numbers can be frustrating, and at times very irritating. Enter frac·tion, developed by basis Design to be your number counselor and ease the pain of the world of fractions. Whether you are building a wall section, helping your kid learn to love numbers, baking a cake, or anything in between needing to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions, this app does it for you. frac·tion also allows you to convert from fractions to decimals, feet to inches, and even imperial to metric and back. With 5 modes to choose from, we've got you covered. Or you can always put it in the feet or inches mode and it functions as your daily calculator. Check out all the functionality and fun on our frac·tion page. Okay, so that's the second reference to numbers being fun-ish... sorry we tend to geek out on numbers a little.

We are proud to say that this app was created by our architect with over a year of testing on a daily basis and tweaked to what we think is the easiest and most efficient whole number and fraction calculator out there. With so many uses, check it out and let us know how you have fun using frac·tion.

Available for purchase on ios and android or head over to our frac·tion page for more info.